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1tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid  Empty tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid on Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:23 am


tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid  Super_10
mga master share q lang 2ng kunting kaalaman ko tungkol d2 sa halaman
nato ''tawa - tawa'' tawag d2 first aid kuntra dengue try 2 read it tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid  Yahoo1
sana makatulong sa mga katinapay na may kaso ng dengue nkakatulong kasi
2 para madagdagan ung mga platelets na nwala dahil sa dengue fever. tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid  Yahoo1

The potency of tawa-tawa as dengue cure is proven not only by studies
but by a series of people testimonies. It can cure dengue fever even at
its late stage, stage four.
Tawa-tawa is also known as gatas-gatas and with a scientific name of
Euphorbia hirta. Its uses never stop at treating dengue fever cause it
can be used to relieve variety of illness.

1) Antibacterial / Antimicrobial. It is antibacterial and noncytotoxic
(not toxic to cells). Plant ethanol extracts are found to inhibit
bacterial growth. Also effective against amoeba and fungal infection.
Prepare 25 grams plant per two cups water. Boil for three minutes. Take
three to five cups a day.

2) Antiasthmatic. The herb is good for asthmatic persons. It breaks up
mucus and relaxes spasm. It is combined with bronchial sedatives in
inhaler preparation. Steep one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water for
ten minutes. Take three to four glasses a day. May also be form into
cigarette – burn and inhale smoke.

3) Antidiuretic. Drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages promotes
excretion of body fluids, diuretic effect. Rapid loss of body fluids is
also experienced by person suffering from diarrhea or loose bowel
movement. Too much dehydration can be fatal.

Gatas-gatas is different. It has antidiuretic effect. It contain active
extracts of phytochemical tannins and flavonoids that promote water
adsorption and electrolyte re-absorption. Indication is similar to

4) Anthelmintic effect. Tawa-tawa is an effective worms and its eggs killer, dewormer. Application is same as antibacterial.

5) Antihypertensive. It counteract high blood pressure by inhibiting the
activity of angiotensin converting enzyme and increasing urine output
and electrolytes. Steep one to three teaspoons of leaves in one cup
water for five minutes. Drink two glasses as tonic.

6) Sedative. Help in threating anxiety. Mode of application is the same as antibacterial.

7) Antidysentery. Dysentery – an infection of the intestines marked by
severe diarrhea. Taking in small quantities calm the digestive system
but large doses has purgative effect. Steep one teaspoon leaves in one
cup water for ten minutes. Take four glasses a day.

Antispasmodic. It contains shikinic acid and choline that are
responsible for stopping early and late stage allergy. Application is
similar to antibacterial.

9) Treatment of skin diseases. Good for treatment of sores, boils,
warts, fungi and open wounds. Threating open wounds will turn skin to
bluish black. Apply fresh latex to sores, boils, warts, fungi and open
wounds. Sprinkle dried or fresh powdered leaves as wound dressings.

10) Galactagogue. A breast milk stimulant. Massage fresh latex to breast
to increase milk flow. Root decoction maybe taken – preparation is same
as antibacterial.

Tawa-tawa is indeed effective but should be taken with caution. Large
doses may cause gastrointestinal reaction, nausea and vomiting.
Prolonged intake may interfere with iron adsorption. Not recommended for
pregnant women.

e2 po ung itsura nung ''tawa - tawa''
tawa-tawa iwas dengue mga master first aid  TAWA - TAWA LEAF[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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